Mt. Carmel Baptist Church and Ministries

Our History 


                                               THE MOUNT CARMEL BAPTIST CHURCH HISTORY
The Mount Carmel Baptist Church was born out of the desire to be a spiritual blessing to the community and its citizens. Her rich history began early in the year of 1950 under the leadership of Rev. P. C. Land and others who were members of the United Baptist Church in East Baltimore. The church was originally located at 963 North Washington St. Mother Evans was the first mother of the church, Deacon Moses Stone the first Chairman of the Deacons Board, and Deacon Travers the first Sunday School Superintendent. Several of the original members who were children are still members of Mt. Carmel and many more remained here until their death. The second pastor, Reverend Oscar Stancil, an educated son of a preacher, and his wife Blanche, provided dynamic leadership for the church for a period of 35 years. Under the pastorate of Reverend Stancil, membership grew from about 25 in 1952 to as many as 175 in later years. Also, many ministries were established.
With skilled leadership, Mount Carmel was able to relocate to 2230 Harford Road in 1969. This location, formerly a hardware store, was renovated, furnished, and a dining area established. In 1987, Reverend Eratus Johnson became the third pastor of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. Pastor Johnson was a soft spoken preacher, as was his wife Demerius (affectionately known as "Sister D-J"). Reverend Johnson helped paved the way for the next pastor by instructing the deacons and chairperson of the trustees, Sister Margaret Nathaniel, that if he should die, they were to select Rev. Leroy Gilliard as Mt. Carmel's next pastor. After the death of Pastor Eratus Johnson in September of 1989, in obedience and being led by the Spirit of God, the Church called Reverend Leroy Gilliard, Jr. as her fourth pastor. Rev. Gilliard, who was licensed and ordained at the New Friendship Baptist Church, was installed as Mt. Carmel's fourth pastor on Sunday March 18, 1990 at 2230 Harford Road.
Since Rev. Gilliard became pastor of Mt. Carmel, the church's membership has increased by over a thousand. There are now two morning worship services each Sunday. During Pastor Gilliard’s third year as pastor (1993), the church purchased their former edifice on at 212-16 East 25th street. This location provided space for more classrooms, offices and a much larger “cathedral-like” sanctuary. Over two-hundred thousand dollars of renovations were made to that edifice. Over the past twenty-four years, twenty ministers and evangelists have been licensed at Mt. Carmel to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of these ministers are now ordained and seven have served as pastors. Over twenty men have been ordained to the office of deacon under Pastor Gilliard's leadership. Also, many ministries have been established during Pastor Gilliard's tenure. The Bible Study Classes--Rev. Gilliard's favorite --have grown proportionately with the church's growth. The church's ministries is now international with the full support of an orphanage and school Liberia, West Africa.
In February of 2012, five churches in Maryland and five churches in Liberia selected Rev. Gilliard to become their Bishop. Bishop Gilliard was consecrated on November 24, 2013 at 4909 Harford Road. The church moved to its current location at 4909 Harford Road on the first Sunday in April, 2012, Palm Sunday. The new location afforded Mt. Carmel more sanctuary space, many more class rooms, a large banquet hall, and a large parking lot. God had really blessed Mt. Carmel down through the years. The church and her Bishop, are ever helping other churches in their effort to build the Kingdom of God.